A Meal Fit For A T-Rex!

Aloo Gosht (beef and potatoes)

Aloo Gosht (beef and potatoes)

So I’m not necessarily a meat and potatoes kind of guy. That’s not to say I don’t love meat, I do (apologies to my veggie lovers out there), but I’m not really a steak guy, or even a beef guy. I prefer chicken or fish over red meat. But today, all I had left in the freezer was a packet of cubed beef, and I was starving. I came home from work and whipped together some beef and potatoes curry, commonly known as “aloo gosht”. While cooking it, my son asked me what I was cooking for dinner.  “Beef and potatoes” I told him.  He proceeded to ask me “is beef meat, pappa?” After I confirmed this for him, my boy, blurted out “T-Rex eats meat! A T-Rex can eat our dinner.”

He’s right. A T-Rex could eat our dinner. But I might have to tone down the spices a bit!

I’ll post the recipe later!