Hi everyone! My name is Asim and I’m a full-time systems project manager, full-time father of 3, full-time husband to my lovely wife, and a part-time cook with self-diagnosed OCD (Obsessive Cooking Disorder)! I’ve been cooking Indian cuisine for over 15 years, and have most recently started incorporating some newer dishes into my rotation, which have been influenced by Chinese, Sri Lankan, and Japanese recipes. I started out cooking when I was a junior at Villanova University because I was so tired of eating out all the time. I bought a packet of chicken, borrowed some spices from my mother, and the rest is history.

Now, I cook for my family, myself, my friends, and even my neighbors. I cook when I’m bored. I cook when I’m hungry. I cook to make other people happy! Inside my blog you will find many popular South Asian dishes, as well as some inventive dishes which came through experimentation in my own kitchen. I grew up eating the food of my all-time favorite cook, my mother, and was also fortunate enough to marry into a family that also has some great cooks. I’ve taken some of those recipes, adapted them, put a little twist on some of them, and made them my own. I’ve done this so that my recipes, and all those in my family, can be passed down, shared, and enjoyed.

I also conduct cooking classes in the Philadelphia area. I do one-on-one sessions, as well as group lessons.  Each lesson is an hour and a half, and can be conducted in your own home. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Take a look around my blog and see what catches your eye. Happy cooking!